Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 32...and another view of the house

8 weeks to go! Crazy! ...the good news is that our house is coming along. We've also been meeting a lot of the other doggie neighbors on our walks with Maggie. So we are all starting to settle in more and more. Although this is my old neighborhood, I grew up in 700 Minorca which is just one block south of our home. The other day I took Maggie on a walk around the block to show her the house. My name and that of my childhood friend Nicole is still in the cement in the sidewalk, October 1990!

As for progress on the house...window treatments have been ordered, old bedroom furniture was sold and moved out of the garage and nearly all the holes left behind by old nails have been patched. Then, today we had the new office couch delivered, 3 out of 4 walls are painted in the prettiest historic shade of blue and the nursery is coming along.
Tomorrow the hall will be painted, the kitchen will get finish being painted as will the office and the garage will continue to get organized... I say give us 3...maybe 4 more weeks and we should be as done as we can be before Baby C arrives.

I am feeling good and the reality of our due dates fast approach is sinking in since the most thoughtful and generous gifts from family and friends have started to arrive and are piling up in the living room since the nursery is not yet ready to house them.
Overall, things are good with us...cannot complain. We're busy, I'm growing and soon...I'll be able to sleep on my back again!

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  1. How exciting and hard to believe it's coming up so soon! You look lovely :)