Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Butt, Naked Time and the Adventures of Ointment

Somedays you just have to laugh. Two days ago babykins started to sniffle--I knew it was a "cold" brought on by teething. Same thing happened last month before the two bottom teeth came in. Well, the cold quickly went away but she developed a diaper rash. Unfortunately it looked bad, and she let me know it was bad each time I had to change her. I asked a few friends and our pediatrician and was adviced to...
1. Give her a little naked time
2. Give her a luke warm bath
3. Apply a concoction of ointments bound to get rid of the issue

Well, I decided to bath her and give her naked time while she had dinner...but since we had guests over she wore her little baby bathrobe from Tio Chris and it seemed fine. So there we were in the kitchen having chicken with squash and then apples with cherries. I could tell she was tired and the tylenol (99.9 fever) was kicking in...but then her expression went from tired to..."hard at work" if you know what I mean.
"Oh no, are you pooping?" I asked her as quietly as possible so our guests could not hear, I wasn't expecting her to answer...she she didn't have to. The evidence was there.
"D! bring me a plastic bag please" he gives me a strange look as I reach for the wipes to start cleaning up. "D, bring me a plastic bag...she pooped!" as fast can be he goes to our plastic bag dispenser under the sink and grabs me a Target bag... as he is handing it to me he says"She just peed...take her to the bathroom and I'll clean the chair" he tells me. My poor babykins...full belly...but not a happy camper. I removed the highchair tray and my "semi-naked" baby and carry her off looking like one of those men who do not know how to carry a child...
Fortunately she slept fine...and this morning the issue was better...but the image of her hard at work suring naked time on the highchair, is something I will never forget! All I can say is Thank GOD we put the splat mat down on the floor!!


  1. Been there...I think they do it to keep us on our toes!

  2. Hahahahhaha. Oh wow, this definitely made my day!