Monday, August 22, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

Finger Foods, may I introduce you to Cecilia?
Cecilia, may I introduce you to Finger Foods?
I think you all will be great friends. And so it began...some puffs here and there at 9 months...but on Friday August 19th when Dr. Tio Ernie gave the green light--- Tia Roxanne at the museum gave baby her first "saltine". A whole grain saltine with the salt rubbed you can see--- the child was quite happy. She went on to eat many more crackers over the weekend... and she was also introduced to ice cream.
There we were innocently eating at our goddaughter Georgia's 2nd birthday party--when Tia Ana snuck a small spoon full of Blue Bell Sundae Ice Cream into babykins' mouth. Needless to say, the child was happy. I let her give her one more taste...but that's it. There is a picture of it...though I did not capture her joyful bouncing as the sweet ice cream found its way into her sweet little mouth.

As mommy is better with a sugar buzz on!

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