Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Butt, Naked Time and the Adventures of Ointment

Somedays you just have to laugh. Two days ago babykins started to sniffle--I knew it was a "cold" brought on by teething. Same thing happened last month before the two bottom teeth came in. Well, the cold quickly went away but she developed a diaper rash. Unfortunately it looked bad, and she let me know it was bad each time I had to change her. I asked a few friends and our pediatrician and was adviced to...
1. Give her a little naked time
2. Give her a luke warm bath
3. Apply a concoction of ointments bound to get rid of the issue

Well, I decided to bath her and give her naked time while she had dinner...but since we had guests over she wore her little baby bathrobe from Tio Chris and it seemed fine. So there we were in the kitchen having chicken with squash and then apples with cherries. I could tell she was tired and the tylenol (99.9 fever) was kicking in...but then her expression went from tired to..."hard at work" if you know what I mean.
"Oh no, are you pooping?" I asked her as quietly as possible so our guests could not hear, I wasn't expecting her to answer...she she didn't have to. The evidence was there.
"D! bring me a plastic bag please" he gives me a strange look as I reach for the wipes to start cleaning up. "D, bring me a plastic bag...she pooped!" as fast can be he goes to our plastic bag dispenser under the sink and grabs me a Target bag... as he is handing it to me he says"She just peed...take her to the bathroom and I'll clean the chair" he tells me. My poor babykins...full belly...but not a happy camper. I removed the highchair tray and my "semi-naked" baby and carry her off looking like one of those men who do not know how to carry a child...
Fortunately she slept fine...and this morning the issue was better...but the image of her hard at work suring naked time on the highchair, is something I will never forget! All I can say is Thank GOD we put the splat mat down on the floor!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

Finger Foods, may I introduce you to Cecilia?
Cecilia, may I introduce you to Finger Foods?
I think you all will be great friends. And so it began...some puffs here and there at 9 months...but on Friday August 19th when Dr. Tio Ernie gave the green light--- Tia Roxanne at the museum gave baby her first "saltine". A whole grain saltine with the salt rubbed you can see--- the child was quite happy. She went on to eat many more crackers over the weekend... and she was also introduced to ice cream.
There we were innocently eating at our goddaughter Georgia's 2nd birthday party--when Tia Ana snuck a small spoon full of Blue Bell Sundae Ice Cream into babykins' mouth. Needless to say, the child was happy. I let her give her one more taste...but that's it. There is a picture of it...though I did not capture her joyful bouncing as the sweet ice cream found its way into her sweet little mouth.

As mommy is better with a sugar buzz on!

Friday, August 5, 2011

July in Miami

Our first 4th of July! Well, C's first. I think she enjoyed it (though she slept through the fireworks). Here she is with her Coco at Coco's on 4th of July.
Visits from Tio Miguel in from London seemed to make babykins smile. Such a fun social girl, enjoys meeting new people.
When I was about C's age, my mom put a turtle shell on my back and captured one of my favorite pictures of all time. Mom thought it would be fun to try and recreate that with C. Here is our CAS version of shell picture.
Nothing beats a good crawl about with our friend Miles. If you could have seen these two babbling back and forth as they scooted about...too cute!
Bath time.
Somehow Olivia is 5 now! I don't know where time goes...but her party was a pirate theme. As you can see Grandmother took the theme to heart and was a HIT at the party! Arrrrrr
Jack Sparrow made an appearance.
...and we all wore pirate hats courtesy of Tia Kiki.
July 6 C turned 8 months old. She wont sit still in her yellow chair the changing table it is. Isn't she so pleased with herself?
Fruit (check) Veggies (check) Meat (check)...Babykins is officially eating everything she can...and oddly she enjoys veggies more than fruit so far. Hmmmm...
Bastille Day! Mommy isn't a Dubon for rien! Doesn't babykins look tres mignon? Too bad the minute we arrived at Riviera she had crazy explodapoop and I had to completely change her ensemble into a not as cute white bow stayed on naturally!
Our "primo" Alexandre was in town from Nicaragua with his new baby sister Cosima. Tia Cayetana took these amazing shots...look at her! How did I make this child? ( I know...I know...when a boy and a girl love each other blah blah blah)...
The one above went into a did the one below because....
that is a profile to DIE for!

We stayed pretty late at Tia Cayetana's and inherited these cute PJs and then went to sleep.
Tia Lucia came in town all the primos went to breakfast.
C with her padrino Chris at church...
C sharing a moment with Daddykins
Uncle Junion's mom "Mamasun" came to visit with his niece. Here we all are. This St. Philip's courtyard has seen many a family picture!
I had been waiting patiently for this one. C's first trip to the Miami Children's Museum. Having worked there and helping build, open, launch etc all things MCM...I knew my sweet girl would LOVE the creeper crawler room! And she did...she had such a great time!
Exec. Director "Aunt Debbie" was in a state of disbelief that I was there with my OWN baby! They had a good time playing together.
Some more fun times with the family on the Key, in the Roads...all over town....

Here we see Tia Kiki and C with the evil lion fish....
...and finally Los Slesnick... notice C was not the only one who had a month of firsts. D finally got glasses! Smashing aren't they?

An Ode to Aquaphor

Aquaphor o aquaphor

I use you all the time

Aquaphor o aquaphor

Say you'll always be mine.

You make the itch go away

You cure most aliments on my baby

You make a good chew toy

and you bring such joy

Aquaphor o aquaphor

be mine for ever more!