Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky Kids Magazine + Pink Chicken

Lucky Kids Magazine launched this month and I visited the site today. It was chock-full of fun things for kids, and was SO happy to see our bee lunch bag by Skip+Hop was prominently displayed. I guess I AM a fashionable mom after all!
Anyhow---the site also introduced me to Pink Chicken. Where have I been? ...oh yeah, NOT having a baby until now... Anyhoo--- it's a little pricey, but terrribly cute! They even have frocks for moms! Here are some of my favorites... Skip + Hop Bee which I got at the Island Shop on Key Biscayne
how cute is this baby frock

diaper cute are these?

...and this frock for mom (which I have fallen in LOVE with!)

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  1. Love that diaper cover. That and no top is totally SoFla!