Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power Me Up Scotty...

You know how there are days you should not get out of bed? Well, I think there are days you should not leave your should NOT have left my house. We had a good night with the baby. I followed Dr. Tio Ernie's advise and did not feed in the middle of the night---I only comforted her back to sleep and she ended up having 4h-2h-1h-4hour cycles. So I woke up and felt good about my day... Then...10:30am rolled around and it was time to put up my "privacy screen" and get to milkin' I get everything ready to go and "mommy machine" ( as I coined it today) is not singing its gentle rhythmic song...nothing!... I try another outlet...I try another power strip...(Houston, we have a problem....and utters that are at "11") I call D...he tells me that maybe its just the power source. Well, I can't just leave work...but how to I script the email to my Executive Director? "Dear B, My breast pump isn't working and my boobs are about to leak and explode" ??? This is where "mommy machine" was born... "Dear B, I am having a mommy emergency and I have to go home to power my mommy machine"...send email and rush home to see if the battery power pack will do the trick. Naturally my rush home is a crawl as there are not ONE but TWO accidents on US-1 South. Finally I get home...Don starts working on the chord and I pull out the hand powered "mommy machine" THAT THING IS CRAP! If ANYONE EVER tells you that the hand pump is better than the electric...they are smokin' SERIOUS CRACK! ...So, I'm hand pumping while Don sticks 100000 AA batteries into the power pack--- and suddenly that sweet sweet song started to come out of the mommy machine "shhhhh shhhooooo shhhhhh shooooo" ... all I needed was 10...15 minutes and then I could start hunting for the power source. ...can you believe that Medela's power source is not something that you can easily find?!... Buy Buy Baby (BUZZZZ) Babies R' Us (BUZZZZZ) Target (BUZZZZ) ...I call Medela... they tell me to go to Mercy Hospital! (Side note...I was just there YESTERDAY buying new "trumpets" for my mommy machine.) So I call Anita (who saved my life, my milk, my baby and my boobs in 2 days after I had the baby and was engorged)... "Hi Anita, it's C again...please don't think I am breaking my pump parts on purpose, but my power source is dead and I hear you all are the only place to get them locally"...Anita to the rescue AGAIN! ...So I wait for them to be done with classes...I go...I buy ... I think I conquer. I drive back to work (it is now 2:30pm and time to pump pump pump again)...I put up my screen...and my bottles and trumpets are HOME on the drying rack from the last session. OMG!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY!? ...needless to say...I went down to business...and am not planning on going anywhere else today since I am apparently in some sort of lactation induced state of stupidity. ....crap...I have to go pick up my baby...


  1. OMG. This totally happened to me. I then had to go buy a hand pump (awful... and it hurts my wrists. I'm weak.) AND, for a while I regularly forgot essential parts for pumping at work. THose were NOT good days!

    I'm glad you found the power source! I had to buy a whole new base! STINKER!

    I forgot breastpads a couple of weeks ago--during a big meeting. Thank GOODNESS for jackets. Mortifying.

  2. I am pretty sure that I was not smoking crack when I was breastfeeding, but I absolutely abhored the automatic pump. I felt like a cow hooked up to a pasteurization machine, while it wizzed and whirled.... The hand pump that I had took me less than 5 minutes each side. Bing, Bang, Boom. And no absurd noises coming from it. To each his own, I guess.