Thursday, June 16, 2011

May in Miami

Again, I'm sorry to be running late on the month of May post. Here are just a few shots from a very fun month with our family and friends. C is growing fast and continues to stay in the 97% of height and 75% in weight. She's eating veggies and loving them and crawling and pulling herself up turned into cruising little bits at the coffee table.
We spent Memorial Day Weekend at the Mimi and Babo's cabana at the Biltmore Hotel pool, went up to Ft. Lauderdale for a Pi Kappa Phi BBQ for D, visited with family, went to our friend John Charles' baptism and had lots of fun on play dates.

Hope you had a great month!!


  1. Here are things I know.
    Your baby is adorable.
    You are gorg.
    We just had to buy a new coffee table because the glass one is apparently dangerous (not that we've had any encounters.)
    I just bought those swimsuit bottoms at target.

  2. in no particular order, my favorites are the hat over the face, lil c and mama sacasa, lil c and D in the cabana and the family photo :)