Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother's Day Week

So I'm a little late to post you know how hard it is to keep up with a crawling, pulling up on every coffee table baby?...yes, you probably do.
Well, it was officially my first "real" mother's day and it was very special because I spent it with family and friends. Here are some pictures from the weekend of Mother's Day... Here we are at Bill Bagg's State Park, home to the Cape Florida Lighthouse. This beach on Key Biscayne was recently rated #10 on the list of best beaches in the United States!

Tio Derek came to visit us from Boston. Here we all are at the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Here are the 3 Cecilia's on Mother's Day at our house.

Me and my girl.

Tia Antonella came to visit us before her big Eco-Driven trip to Scotland and Romania. She is out to save the world one organic garden at a time. we are at C's first Kentucky Derby Day. Is she ready for the races or what?!

More of May to come soon!



  1. Um, I love her. And as always, you look fab.

  2. my favorite is the derby photo - love it! xo